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DGABSS & ASSOCIATES (Indian Chartered Accountants Firm) was established in the year 2002 with the aim of providing a wide range of accounting and financial services to clients in India and aspires to be recognized as a quality service provider. We are a team of chartered accountants in India, with vast knowledge and professional experience, serving its clients and specializes in the fields of accounting, auditing, taxation along with a host of other financial services with its base at Pune, India.
We have a stated policy of ensuring high quality services to each client irrespective of its location and size. This we achieve by bringing the professional and analytical skills to an assignment, which we have developed, through the academic background, internal training, continuing professional education and engagement experience of our personnel.
At 'DGABSS & ASSOCIATES' we have experienced significant growth since its inception in early 2002. The firm's vision is conceptualized by like-minded professionals and over the years, the firm has gained in-depth experience in providing a multitude of services to a number of business houses. The working of the firm is webbed through efficient communication and documentation, written systems and procedures and of course Our 'Intellectual Capital'.